Heroes of Space Who Changed the World

Emily Sohn
Item #81626

Take a look at the great pioneers of outer space through the lens of a graphic novel! The Graphic Greats series combines colorful comic-style illustrations with the inspiring stories of trailblazing astronomers and astronauts throughout history told through bold speech bubbles.
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Sometimes all it takes to pique the interest of tween readers is a new and inspiring format. The Graphic Greats series is your answer! Perfect for both budding scientists and kids who need something especially cool to get them excited about learning. Presented in a graphic novel style, colorful comic-style illustrations keep readers engaged and help reinforce inspiring stories of scientists.

Learn the discoveries of 10 iconic astronomers and astronauts at an upbeat pace while enjoying images that bring to life the stories of Robert Goddard, Neil Armstrong, Edwin Hubble, Buzz Armstrong, and more.

Created by a dynamic duo with plenty of expertise, this graphic novel is as accurate as it is artistic. Award-winning science and health journalist Emily Sohn’s narrative is paired with drawings by science illustrator Charli Vince.
Author: Emily Sohn
Size: 8.9x5.9
Pages: 128
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