Atlas of Solar Eclipses - 2020 to 2045

Michael Zeiler and Michael E. Bakich
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This is the ultimate resource for every type of solar eclipse around the world - total, annular, and partial.  
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This comprehensive guide covers 56 solar eclipses around the world from 2020 to 2045, with an emphasis on total solar eclipses in heavily populated areas.  Notable solar eclipses include the 2024 April 8 eclipse across North America, the 2027 August 2 eclipse over Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, the 2035 September 2 eclipse passing over Beijing, Pyongyang, and Tokyo, and the 2044 August 23 eclipse over Canada and Montana.  In depth coverage is also given to the annular solar eclipse of 2023 on October 14 crossing the western United States from Oregon to Texas.

Maps provide key information for selecting optimal locations, including:

  • The duration of the total or annular eclipse at each position
  • Sky altitude of the eclipsed Sun
  • Contact times of the eclipse

Accompanying text provides helpful information for eclipse travelers, such as:

  • Points of interest
  • Viewing advice
  • Photo opportunities
  • Visible planets and stars
  • Eclipse circumstances

This atlas is illustrated richly and formatted in an easy-to-understand style.  World maps showing all total and annular solar eclipses from 1901 to 2100 are also included.


Author: Michael Zeiler and Michael E. Bakich
Pages: 256
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