The Book of Terrifyingly Awesome Technology

Sean Connolly
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Bring the excitement of science home with 27 terrific experiments for young scientists. 

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Use basic household items to enter a fascinating and potentially scary new world full of driverless cars, artificial intelligence, robots and androids, smart clothing, test-tube meat, space elevators, and more.

Through the use of cool illustrations, illustrated panels and quick definitions, find out what these breakthroughs mean. Tackle 27 engaging experiments to help your kids understand the principles behind these innovations in current and near-future technology.

Ages 10 & Up

Author: Sean Connolly
Size: 5.8 x 1 x 9.2 inches
Pages: 240
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Plant Speed Breeding

  • Experiment: Gardener's Green Thumb - or Is It Yellow or Violet?

Chapter 2: Solar Energy Beam

  • Experiment: Solar Party Time?

Chapter 3: Robots and Androids

  • Experiment: Can You Beat That?!

Chapter 4: Microsatellites

  • Experiment: We Have Liftoff!

Chapter 5: Reusable Rockets

  • Experiment: Instant Replay!

Chapter 6: Audio Spotlights

  • Experiment: Riding the Waves
  • Bonus Experiment: Keys to Success

Chapter 7: Sound Disrupters

  • Experiment: Birthday Blast

Chapter 8: Artificial Intelligence

  • Experiment: Thanks for the Memory

Chapter 9: The World Wide Web

  • Experiment: Just Browsing

Chapter 10: Driverless Cars

  • Experiment: Going for a Spin

Chapter 11: Virtual Reality

  • Experiment: Optical Illusion?

Chapter 12: The Cloud

  • Experiment: Play Your Cards Right

Chapter 13: The Internet of Things

  • Experiment: How Are "Things"?

Chapter 14: Genome Technology

  • Experiment: Virus to the Rescue

Chapter 15: GPS

  • Experiment: On the Right Track

Chapter 16: Air-Conditioned Clothing

  • Experiment: Chill Out!

Chapter 17: 3-D Printing

  • Experiment: Hey, Cut It Out!

Chapter 18: Smart Glasses

  • Experiment: Clear as a Bell?

Chapter 19: Holograms

  • Experiment: Homemade Hologram

Chapter 20: Laser Surgery

  • Experiment: Preparing for Surgery?

Chapter 21: Drones

  • Experiment: Flight Testing

Chapter 22: Test-Tube Meat

  • Experiment: What's That Growing in My Kitchen?!

Chapter 23: "Harvesting" Water from the Air

  • Experiment: Water Catchers

Chapter 24: Electric Cars

  • Experiment: Taking the Battery Out for a Spin

Chapter 25: Powered Exoskeletons

  • Experiment: Thanks for the Lift

Chapter 26: Space Elevator

  • Experiment: Going Up?



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