Mission Moon 3-D

David J. Eicher and Brian May
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The story of the historic lunar landings and the events that led up to them, told in text and visually stunning 3-D images.  Includes a LITE OWL viewer from London Stereoscopic Company for viewing of the 3-D images in this book.

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MISSION MOON 3-D presents new and unique stereoscopic images of the Apollo Moon landings to show what it was like to walk on the lunar surface. The triumph of the Apollo 11 Moon landing takes center stage, with detailed stories and images from the six lunar missions that followed. The book also delivers a comprehensive tale of the space race, from the day John Kennedy issued a call to go to the Moon. The intricate histories of both the U.S. and Soviet programs appear, all with rich imagery, much of it presented in 3-D splendor.

The book contains some 150 stereo photos of the Apollo missions and space race, the largest collection ever published. It presents many historic photos never seen before in stereo. New stories appear from the astronauts and cosmonauts, as with Jim Lovell’s anecdotes about the perilous return of Apollo 13. The book includes a unique social and musical history of the sixties and beyond that transformed the world, from Vietnam and Woodstock to Live Aid. It presents the story of how competing space explorers became fast friends, including photographs of them together at the recent Starmus Festivals. Also included are discussions of other recent notable space missions, a special 3-D image viewer, along with 3-D images, such as the Rosetta mission to Comet 67P and the New Horizons mission to Pluto.

Includes a LITE OWL viewer from London Stereoscopic Company for viewing of the 3-D images in this book.

October 2018 


Foreword by Charlie Duke 

Afterword by Jim Lovell

Author: David J. Eicher and Brian May
Pages: 192
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