Basher Science: Astronomy

Simon Basher & Dan Green
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Out of this World!
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 Learn about  rising stars, the all-star crew and the galaxy's local group with Basher Science: Astronomy — Out of this World!

Star Birth Nebula - Belonging to the Rising Star Crew, this sun-like star forms in about 100 million years. The Orion nebula is the most famous star birth nebula.

Cat's Eye Nebula - Belonging to the All-Star Crew, winds in the center its nebula rage at 62,000-mph in concentric patterns.

Andromeda Galaxy -The largest galaxy in the Local Group. Andromeda Galaxy is actually twice as big as the Milky Way!

The characteristics of each celestial body and concepts are described as personality traits, allowing your child to learn them in a entertaining way. Learn about the celestial bodies and concepts that make the universe mysterious and cool!

Publisher: Kingfisher

Recommend ages: 10+

Author: Simon Basher & Dan Green
Pages: 128
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