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The Fix Is In
Could a marriage between corn and bacteria solve the world’s fertilizer problem?
By Tracy Staedter

Go Big 
A quartet of giant telescopes will kick off a new era of discovery.
By Richard Talcott

10 Experiments That Changed Everything
Short on tech, long ideas, early thinkers redefined our world.
By Adam Hadhazy

Addicted, More or Less
Your genes influence how easily you get hooked.
By Bill Sullivan

Columns & Departments

Editor’s Note
Test, and Test Again
Experimentation – and sometimes failure – is key to making the abstract real.

Readers weigh in on off-planet exploration and what an ancient bird did for kicks.

The Crux
Storing data in DNA inches closer to reality; the historic roots of a word that describes a cool phenomenon; getting grounded about water usage; the human cost of climate changes; and more.

Vital Signs
Domino Effect 
A healthy, middle-age women crumples in her kitchen. It’s just the start of a potentially deadly mystery.
By H. Lee Kagan

Notes from Earth
Harnessing social media’s powers for good, amateur photographers provide a treasure trove of footage for researchers.
By Nancy Averett

Out There: Bonus Astronomy Section
Where did Earth’s water come from? A new hypothesis suggests a surprising source. Plus: Women memorialized on the moon.

The Manhattan Project for Depression
Scientists launch a bold initiative to get the roots of a massive mental health issue.
By Linda Marsa

20 Things You Didn’t Know About…
So much more than garden pests, moles have superpowers. Can you dig it?
By Gemma Tarlach

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