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Editor’s Note
Life at the Edge
Science helps us appreciate a world of extremes

Readers weigh in on happiness and lidar’s past

It’s Not Over Yet
By Louise Aronson
A doctor pieces together the truth about a patient diagnosed with advanced Parkinson’s and dementia.

Sex on the Beach
By Lesley Evans Ogden
What do female black window spiders want? If you’re a male of the species, you better know before you get too close.

Save the Microbes
By Jonathon Keats
The vital, tiny ecosystems each of us hosts are in peril.

Practice Makes Picture Perfect
By Jonathon Keats
Researches look to old photos for new evidence of a changing world.

By Erika K. Carlson
Find it in toxic tides, fossil fuels – and maybe even your breakfast smoothie.


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