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By Steve Volk
While beekeepers across America fight for the survival of their winged charges, political agendas threaten vital scientific progress.

The Eternal Princesses
By Nathaniel Scharping
Egypt isn't the only resting place of mummies. Cultures across the world preserved their dead, many of them women. Now, these mummified maidens are giving us a better picture of their ancient worlds.

Game Over
By Yvette Cendes
The end of the world as we know it could happen in myriad ways, and while experts can't know for sure which scenario will pan out, one thing is certain: When it comes, we won't feel fine.

The Secret Life of Fat
By Sylvia Tara
Nearly everyone struggles to fend it off, but evolution and our genetics can put some of us at a disadvantage in that battle against the bulge.
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