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What It Takes to Reach 100
by Linda Marsa
Live long and prosper, as the Vulcan salute goes. Some people have managed that first part much better than others, and the key could be in their DNA.

Your Attention, Please
by Adam Piore
MIT neuroscientist Earl Miller has made a name for himself with his research on working memory, the brain's scratchpad. His next goal? To make us all smarter.

Drilling to Doomsday
by Eric Betz
Beneath the Gulf of Mexico lies evidence of one of the Earth's most cataclysmic events. Now, experts are getting their closest look yet.

Weapons of Math Destruction
by Cathy O'Neil
Sure, credit scores are important, but they hold more sway than you'd think. And in many cases, that can be a very bad thing.

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