Astronomy November 2019

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Apollo 12: 50 years later
This mission launched during a thunderstorm and landed in the Ocean of Storms, but it had smooth sailing the rest of the way.
Richard Talcott

Apollo 12 in 3D
Four months after the historic Apollo 11 Moon landing, Pete Conrad and Alan Bean became the second human crew to visit the lunar surface.
David J. Eicher and Brian May

Sky This Month
Mercury transits the Sun
Martin Ratcliffe and Alister Ling

StarDome and Path of the Planets
Richard Talcott; Illustrations by Roen Kelly

The Moon’s violet origin
Apollo astronauts returned nearly 842 pounds of Moon rocks to Earth. These precious samples have revealed a lot about the Moon’s past.
Robin Canup

Observe the transit of Mercury
If you miss the November 11 lineup, you’ll have to wait another 13 years to try again.
Dean Regas

Visions of the 2019 eclipse
The July 2 total solar eclipse inspired many breathtaking images. Here are our top picks.
Michael E. Bakich

We test Nikon’s new astrocamera
With 24 megapixels of resolution, Wi-Fi, and a vast ISO range, the D750 was built to shoot the night sky.
Tony Hallas

Ask Astro
Why the planets spin.


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