Astronomy June 2019

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Tension at the heart of cosmology
Astronomers have found two different - and mutually exclusive - values for the expansion rate of the universe.
By Robert Naeye

New Horizons Swings past Ultima Thule
The historic encounter gave us our first close-up look at a Kuiper Belt object, the most distant body we have ever explored.
By David J. Eicher

Sky This Month
Jupiter dazzles all night.
By Martin Ratcliffe and Alister Ling

StarDome and Path of the Planets
By Richard Talcott

The Outer Limits universe
Objects briefly seen on television over 50 years ago make terrific targets for today's amateur astronomers.
By Michael E. Bakich

The paper trail of astronomy
Transient treasures of word and art show that our science has a rich and colorful past.
By Raymond Shubinski

Mission complete for Opportunity rover
After 15 years exploring the Red Planet, the Mars Exploration Rover mission has ended.
By Alison Klesman and John Wenz

The story behind Stellarvue
From the start, this company's goal was the perfect telescope.
By Tony Hallas
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