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August 2013
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40 greatest astronomical discoveries
By Richard Talcott
Astronomer’s biggest breakthroughs have lifted the veil on our universe.
pg. 26

40 greatest mysteries of the universe
By Sarah Scoles
Astronomers know more about the universe than ever but still have much to learn.
pg. 32

Where will astronomy be in 40 years?
By Bruce and Debra Meloy Elmegreen
The future involves larger collaborations, computers, and telescopes.
pg. 38

40 years of amateur astronomy
By Michael E. Bakich
We live in our hobby's golden age — just look at what's happened in the past four decades.
pg. 52

Astronomy magazine’s path to “stardom”
By David J. Eicher
From its modest beginnings, the publication now leads the astronomy hobby as the most popular magazine of its kind in the world.
pg. 58

40 deep-sky targets in Sagittarius
By Michael E. Bakich
The Archer contains a dizzying variety of dazzling objects.
pg. 70

Hunt down summer's best dark nebulae
By Michael E. Bakich
For a totally new observing experience, ignore the bright and aim for darkness.
pg. 72

A backyard imager advances science
By R Jay GaBany
An unexpected email opened the door for this astroimager.
pg. 76

Prime time for Neptune and Uranus
By Richard Talcott
Late summer and early fall are the best times to track down the solar system's distant planets.
pg. 80
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