Astronomy January 2013

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January 2013
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Top 10 space stories of 2012
By Liz Kruesi
Astronomers found tiny galaxies ferociously forming stars, the most advanced planetary rover safely touched down on Mars, and physicists discovered a particle they’ve been seeking for 40 years.
pg. 22

Voyager’s "new" solar system
By Michael E. Bakich
Two planetary spacecraft embarked on a grand tour that revealed rings around Jupiter, volcanoes on Io, a planet-sized storm on Neptune, and much more.
pg. 30

How gravity’s grand illusion reveals the universe
By Ray Villard
This cosmic force that warps space provides a lens to study distant galaxies, exoplanets, dark matter, and more.
pg. 44

What’s lurking in Lynx?
By Michael E. Bakich
Whether you use a big or small scope, this oft-neglected constellation will dazzle you with its celestial targets.
pg. 52

Astronomy’s Guide to the Night Sky
This handy four-page insert tells you what planets, star patterns, and deep-sky objects to look for each season.

Will Comet ISON be a superstar?
By Michael E. Bakich
Few comets in history have received the adjective great. Comet ISON may become one of them.
pg. 57

"Astronomy" tests the Canon 60Da
By Jack Newton
Higher resolution, heightened red sensitivity, and other features make this DSLR the new standard for astroimaging.
pg. 60
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