Astronomy November 2010

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November 2010
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The Kepler spacecraft's search for other worlds
Johannes Kepler decoded how the Sun's planets move. Now the spacecraft named after him hunts for other planetary systems.
By C. Renée James

Illustrated: The biggest eyes on the sky
Nearly 50 giant telescopes probe the cosmos from Earth's surface. The biggest ones congregate in locations with clear and steady skies.
By Richard Talcott; Graphics by Roen Kelly

Cassini's top 10 Saturn system discoveries
Earthlike landscapes, one-of-a-kind storms, and painted faces are just a few of the surprises the Cassini mission found in the Ringed Planet's neighborhood.
By Rosaly Lopes

Tour the Local Group of galaxies
Grab your telescope and look for these 16 often overlooked members of our galaxy's neighborhood.
By Tom Polakis

10 things to do on a cloudy night
If the weather ruins your observing plans, you can still improve your techniques, re-evaluate your equipment, and prep for the next clear night.
By Michael E. Bakich

Darkness over Easter Island
All total solar eclipses are dramatic, but our setting for the July 11, 2010, event vaulted it to the top of the list.
By Michael E. Bakich

Totality washes over the South Seas
A cruise through French Polynesia proved the perfect prelude to July's total solar eclipse.
By Richard Talcott

Astronomy mythbusters
You shouldn't believe everything you see or hear relating to astronomy. Except what you read here, of course.
By Richard Talcott

Orion's wide-field imaging dream scope
With this 8-inch f/4 astrograph, you can produce superb deep-sky images.
By Chris Schur
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