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Astronomy May 2011

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May 2011
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Bonus Poster: The Universe — from here to eternity
By Richard Talcott, Roen Kelly
From the inner solar system out to the Virgo galaxy cluster, Astronomy takes you on a tour of our place in the cosmos.

Opening a new window on the Sun
By W. Dean Pesnell
With three instruments operating 24/7, the Solar Dynamics Observatory is gleaning new insights into how magnetic fields control solar activity.
pg. 24

What will happen when the next asteroid strikes?
By Clark R. Chapman
Planetary scientist Clark R. Chapman explains the hazards of near-Earth objects colliding with our planet.
pg. 30

Hollywood astronomy
By Bill Andrews
Astronomy and space have influenced movies for more than a century. What is it that keeps audiences coming back for more?
pg. 52

How to observe high-energy galaxies
By Richard Jakiel
Seyfert galaxies emit strange light that comes from supermassive black holes. Even better - many make great telescopic targets.
pg. 58

All about prime-focus imaging
By Michael A. Covington
Capture star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies using a telescope as your camera’s lens.
pg. 62

Track the sky with Vixen’s AXD Mount
By Michael E. Bakich
Spot-on accuracy and an ultra-cool controller place this mount at the top of the heap.
pg. 68
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