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October 2010
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How astronomers will find another Earth
Finding an earthlike planet, the first step toward life in the universe, is closer than you might think.
By Debra Fischer

Illustrated: Inside our home supercluster
Our Local Group of galaxies is but one small cog in the vast wheel of the Virgo supercluster.
By Richard Talcott; Illustration by Roen Kelly

Explore the pulsar menagerie
Astronomers are discovering many strange properties of compact stellar objects called pulsars. Here's how they fit together.
By Victoria M. Kaspi

10 top autumn binocular treats
All you need to enjoy these seasonal targets is a dark sky and good binoculars.
By Phil Harrington

How to pick a camera for astroimaging
Sky-shooting has never been easier. Stunning results may be just a click away with off-the-shelf digital SLRs.
By Michael A. Covington

All about the Double Cluster
Two brilliant open clusters in Perseus hold dozens of stars younger than the Sun.
By Raymond Shubinski

Astroimager's delight: Canon's EOS 5D Mark II
Easy of use, tons of features, and a whopping 21 megapixels of resolution are all reasons to look at this camera.
By Mike Reynolds
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