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May 2009
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How the telescope remade the universe
Within half a century of its invention in 1608, the telescope had transformed our view of the cosmos and Earth's place in it.
By Raymond Shubinski

The telescope's 400-year revolution
Early telescopes were about 1 inch wide; today's span some 33 feet. Here's how this crucial tool moved forward.
By Liz Kruesi

Compare the optics of the first three telescope designs.
By Liz Kruesi

Scoping out the great discoveries
From Jupiter's moons to dark energy, scientists have used the telescope to make many extraordinary discoveries.
By Richard Talcott

Experience Galileo's Italy
Walk in Galileo's footsteps in Rome, Florence, and other haunts of the great astronomer.
By William Sheehan

The author of Experience Galileo's Italy explains his appreciations for the great astronomer's life and work.
By Daniel Pendick

Explore the Great Bear's galaxies
Break out your medium-size telescope and search Ursa Major's extragalactic treasures.
By Steve Coe

Follow along for a night of galaxy hunting from Animas, New Mexico.
By Michael E. Bakich

25 top telescopes for starry nights
Set up one of these high-quality instruments, and you'll be in observing heaven.
By Phil Harrington
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