Astronomy May 2001

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May 2001
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Seeing with X-ray Eyes- The Chandra Observatory's ability to resolve a haze of x rays into a sharp image is bringing new insight into hot stars, high-speed jets, and violent galaxies.

Going deep for galaxies- The National Optical Astronomy Observatories' new survey captures more than 300,000 galaxies and stars down to 26th magnitude in just one square degree.

Celebrating Ireland's Cosmic Ties- The "Leviathan of Parsontown," the Third Earl of Rosses's mamoth 72-inch telescope, served as a fitting focal point for the annual Whirlpool Star Party.

The man who tracked Nebulae- One a warm summer's night in 1884, a young observer named E.E.Barnard Discovered an unusual nebula that became the first galaxy recognized beyond our own.
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